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ENVIRON<sup>™</sup> - AC


Biotechnology for environmental depollution in aquaculture. Preamble-orgin of the pollution problem in aquaculture 

Biotechnology for environmental depollution in aquaculture. Preamble-orgin of the pollution problem in aquaculture.

  • The organic load in terms of unutilized feed, excessive feed (due to over feeding), fecal matter, molted exo-skeleton, dead algae etc. rich in protein and carbohydrates, settles at the pond bottom. 
  • This undecomposed or partially decomposed proteinaceous material creates anaerobic conditions and produces toxic gases like ammonia, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide etc. This contributes to the pollution of the pond bottom which deteriorates the healthy environment and causes severe damage to the prawn culture.
  • In such prevailed conditions there is a need for such a product which can be present at the bottom and augment the process of biodegradation so that the pollution load will be minimized.
  • ENVIRON-ACTM is a unique bio-product through Biostadt Biotechnology Organization Techniques et Biochimie Appliquees (TBA). It provides a most optimum solution to the aqua problems.
  • A new bio-technological product to the aquaculture. 
  • Consists of consortia of large number of selective, non-pathogenic, beneficial, native microorganisms bio-fixed on a highly porous and natural material called cocolith.
  • Direct application to the pond, no need to brew out side the pond.
  • A bio-product successfully demonstrated in Indian aquaculture.
  • Obtained results indicate that ENVIRON-ACTM is a successful, natural and aqua-friendly bio-product, which is able to solve the pond management problems.
How ENVIRON-ACTM Presence matters
  • Due to its presence ENVIRON-ACTM with its specific, non-pathogenic, beneficial microorganisms continuously biodegrade variety of the accumulated organic load at the pond bottom. 
  • Removes the organic load through a continuous mineralization process in a systematic way and release nutrients into the pond environment.
  • Constant availability of the nutrients helps in stabilizing the algal bloom till the end of culture period.
  • Provides good survival rate as well as substantial growth over all other conventional processes.
  • Inhibits sludge formation at the pond bottom.
Why to use ENVIRON-ACTM only?
  • ENVIRON-ACTMis such a bio-product which immediately reaches the pond bottom after its application and lies there in an active state till the end of the shrimp culture cycle and takes care of the excessive organic load and its causative detrimental gases. 
  • The microorganisms used in this product are able to tolerate and are active at even high salinity conditions.

ENVIRON-ACTM consists of basically two major components 

  • A consortia of a large number of non-pathogenic, beneficial and native microorganisms in a bio-fixed form. The details of micro organisms and their activity is shown in the flow chart. 
  • Cocolith is a natural calcareous matrix rich in Oligonutrients which supports the active growth of biofixed microorganisms.
  • Oligonutrients present in the Cocolith are CaO, SiO2, P2O5, Fe, Cu, Mn, V, Co, B etc.

Observed advantages of ENVIRON-ACTM over other probiotics

ENVIRON-ACTM Other Probiotics
Granular form Powder or liquid
Direct application Need to brew outside the pond before application
3-4 time application for total culture period Frequent application throughout the culture period
Stable algal bloom Algal bloom not very stable
Pond bottom is very clean and free from pollutants Pond bottom is not free from pollutants
Animal is clean and healthy, free from diseases Animal is not free from diseases
Excellent growth rate with best feed consumption Average growth rate and feed consumption
Relatively less or no chemical usage Chemicals used
Good survival rate and improved yields Average yields
Dosage and Application
  • It is very important to develop an appropriate level of algal bloom. We recommend a pond water transparency (sacchi-disco of 35-45 cms prior to first application ofENVIRON-ACTM).
  • Based on our experience a total quantity of 50-150 kgs/Acre of ENVIRON-ACTM in split dosages of one application per month would be required depending upon the stocking density. See chart for application schedule.
  • Important : Dosage and time of adjusted based on condition prevailing in the pon from time to time.
Stocking Density
(Post Larve/m2)

III Application
Total Dosage per
Culture Kgs/Acre
1 to 6 10 10 15 15 50
7 to 15 10 15 25 25 75
16 to 20 25 25 25 25 100
21 to 25 50 25 50 25 150
Storage and Caution

Keep in cool and dry place.


5kg × 10 HDPE lined sack in 50 kg Drum.

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