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Complete balance mineral supplement with growth promoter

EnvoMinTM provides such micronutrients which are favourable to build up the disease resistance and immune response. EnvoMinTM provides mineral mixtures which are easily digestible by Fishes/Shrimps. The available form of essential nutrients in EnvoMinTM improves digestion, absorption, leading to faster growth rate and high weight gain. EnvoMinTM optimizes FCR and maximises productivity. It also provides proper ratio of calcium and phosphorus for the development of perfect endo and exo-skeletal system of Fishes/Shrimps. It provides sufficient nutrients that support the development of plankton. EnvoMinTM provides essential amino acids which helps in protein synthesis.


Complex mixture of essential micronutrients in inert form with Calcium, Phosphorus, Sodium and Potassium. Rich with Amino Acids and high quality growth promoters.

  • Better digestibility and disease resistance.
  • Helps to develop immune response and defense mechanism.
  • Regulates osmoregulation.
  • Provides quality brood stock development.
  • Optimizes FCR and maximises productivity.
  • Enriches pond water by developing plankton.
  • Maintains pH of pond water.
Field Trial Results:

An experiment was carried out an Catla and Rohu treated with EnvoMinTM and it was found that better growth and RNA:DNA ratio in treated fish than control fish. The graphical representation of results are given in Figure-1 & Figure-2.


RNA:DNA ratio is known to provide dependable indication of growth trend (Buckley, 1980; Bandyopadhyay et al., 2005). The ratio was greatest in the fish fed with EnvoMinTM because of higher dietary utilization and better growth.

  • 10 g/Kg of feed for prevention.
  • 15 g/Kg of feed for treatment.
  • For pond preparation 25 Kg/Acre (1 meter water depth).

10 Kg HDPE lined sack.

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